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Coaches BagCoaches Bag Ref: KFS001wb
This is the ultimate kit bag - whether you are carrying a combination of weapons and sparring kit or you are an instructor carrying swords for your students this is the bag you need.

Direct Price:   26.19 [30.90] 


KFS Kick PadKFS Kick Pad Ref: KFS901
Good Quality PU kick pad
Very light and great for practicing both high or low kicking techniques due to the fastening system on the rear of the pad - there are 2 velcro fastening straps for locating the pad tight to the forearm and a large padded handgrip for security.

Click on the image for more information.


Direct Price:   15.70 [18.53] 


KFS Square Strike ShieldKFS Square Strike Shield Ref: KFS903
Large square strike shield in black with a central round strike area in red.
Good quality strike pad in PU with 2 large easy to use hand grips on each side.

Clcikthe image for more information.

Direct Price:   29.99 [35.39] 


Foshan Wooden Dummy Pads (Set)Foshan Wooden Dummy Pads (Set) Ref: WD255e
Exellent quality PU pads designed exclusively for use with our Foshan dummy - as shown above.

Adding these pads mean that you are able to really strike the dummy in practice and realise your training potential.
Supplied as a complete set of 2 pads.

Note current stock of pads are black colour

Direct Price:   14.99 [17.69] 


3 Section Wall Bag   3 Section Wall Bag Ref: KFS510
This strong bag is made out of strong vinyl and has eyelets to attach to a wall.

Traditionally used to practise punching drills and toughen the hands it is an excellent training tool


Direct Price:   31.45 [37.11] 


T-Sport 6' Freestanding Punch Bag T-Sport 6' Freestanding Punch Bag Ref: MAS-683
Commercial Strength 6' tall with nearly 20 sq ft of striking surface area.
An expanded target zone (16 1/4" diameter) allows for kicks and punches at varying heights.
Low profile base allows for low kicks.
Easy to fill and empty - water or sand. Approx. weight with water - 249lbs. Approx. weight with sand - 300lbs.
Completely portable.
The cover is an 18oz rip stop control nylon fabric.
Revolutionary SDS Stress Distribution System protects against cracks and leaks

Direct Price:   279.99 [330.39] 

Wushu Direct would like to ensure that all of our customer stay within the law and advise the following:-
None of our 'edged' products, curved blade or otherwise, are sharp
None of our products are of Japanese origin
Legitimate sport activities are exempt and although we believe none of our products come into a banned category: we advise that they should only be used responsibly in a suitably qualified club with adequate insurance.
Details of where to find such clubs can be obtained from the BCCMA website   Sword and spear bags are available on this site
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